CARE News and Announcements

ARRL Director Interview

We ran across a YouTube interview with ARRL Director Jim Tiemstra about the current state of ham radio test sessions, license renewals, and 2020 field day plans. 

This link will take you to the YouTube video.

Interview with ARRL Director Jim Tiemstra

Summer Field Day

2021 ARRL Field Day will be discussed at our next monthy meeting.  We will post plans about Field Day as we have it.

COVID-19 and Amateur Radio

If you are interested in reading how some amateur radio operators are helping with the COVID-19 situation, here is an article that you may be interested in.

Emergency/Health Officials Relying on Radio in Mass Mitigation Effort

Next Monthly Meeting

Date: Tuesday May, 2021
Time: 7:00pm
Location: T.B.A.

The first meeting since COVID shut most things down is scheduled for Tuesday May 18th.  Topics will be getting CARE going again, the repeater, and repeater testing.  Bring your mobile and handheld transceivers (HT’s).  We will help you program in the CARE repeater frequency if  you need assistance.