CARE News and Announcements

Repeater Update

The repeater progress has been a long one.  But recent events has cause for celebration. 

First and foremost, the C.A,R,E, repeater has received the approval from the Texas VHF society to use the frequency we requested, 444.225.  So this looks like now we finally have a permanent frequency to call our own.

Secondly, it appears as if we are literally just days away from installing the repeater at the location we have been trying to secure for the last several months.  A lot of time and effort has gone in to securing a good location with an antenna placement that will serve the needs of the Coppell  amateur radio community effectively.  As soon as we install the repeater at it’s new home we will let you know!

Finally, the repeater now has the ability to play recorded announcements.   These recordings will be for news and announcements only.  Unfortunately we can not control the exact times the recordings will play.  There will not be announcements every day, but when announcements are recorded they will usually play once per hour.

Summer Field Day

The Coppell Biodiversity Center where we set up for Field Day last year has changed their hours of operations and therefore we will not be using that same location for Field Day this year.  We will discuss possible locations at our next monthly meeting and if you have any suggestions we welcome you to come and attend and voice your recommendations.

COVID-19 and Amateur Radio

If you are interested in reading how some amateur radio operators are helping with the COVID-19 situation, here is an article that you may be interested in.

Emergency/Health Officials Relying on Radio in Mass Mitigation Effort

Next Monthly Meeting

Date: April 21, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cozby Library @177 N. Heartz Rd. Coppell Tx. 75019

Due to the COVID-19 situation we may have to change the meeting location at the last minute.  If we do we will try to update this page to let you know.